Thursday, June 4, 2009

Make Social Responsibility Law

Our President says we should all have the same opportunity. Our taxes are used to fund programs to provide these opportunities but that is still not enough. Does President Obama forget what country he became president of?

This country has become one of the richest nations because of its citizens. We have many self-made millionaires. We have had people go from homeless to riches. What other opportunities are being held from us. There are social inequalities but that is what pushes some us harder. These same inequalities sometimes bring people tumbling down to poverty levels. We have all seen the examples but for some reason some of us think that we have to do right for the injustices of the past and even some of the present. Napoleon Hill has a formula and it's quantity of work + quality of work = compensation. This is a formula that works for everyone and if you have an employer that doesn't see your value, his competitor will.

Our government has decided that they should be the source of charitable giving but the last statistic I heard was that 8 cents of every dollar goes to the beneficiary of that charity when organizations like the American Red Cross get 90 cents of every dollar to its intended beneficiary. It's been proven that government departments are inefficient. They never operate under their budget because they fear their budget being cut in the following fiscal year, so there's no incentive to come under budget. If we allowed charities to be responsible for helping those in need we'd have 2 results. More efficient use of the money and less dependence on charitable help. When people collect welfare from the government they encounter government employees that encourage it and no longer feel guilty receiving the help. If they're going to their local church they are going to want to get off the help as soon as possible and eventually pay it forward. I am not one to say that if you need the help you should not get it but we might want to talk to an expert in social studies to why one is more likely to get off assistance faster when they are getting the help from someone other than the government.

What I am trying to say is that our government needs to slim down and go back to what our founding fathers' foresight was for this country. As consumers we have more information at our fingertips and we will award those socially responsible companies. We are a generous group of Americans and we will continue to give to charities. Give us back our freedom and money and the creative and innovative brains will come back into the marketplace and create a booming economy once again.

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