Monday, August 10, 2009

Protect Your Children

As we get ready for back to school and other activities we get a little overwhelmed. Please remember our primary focus is the safety of our kids. Please talk to your children about good touch and bad touch. Let them know that it is okay for them to talk about anything that makes them uncomfortable.

Many child predators look at volunteer jobs as a way to get closer to children. Make sure that you monitor any programs where your child is participating. Make sure these programs require criminal background checks for anyone that has access to the children. As a parent you must make sure that you have had some face to face time with any coaches and volunteers. Also make sure that there is a written policy about how to deal with the prevention of any molestation or abuse issues.

As a parent, volunteer, or teacher you must get familiar with any warning signs. It is our responsibility to report and bring forward any suspicious behavior. Here are a few that predators may use:

* Always wants to be alone with children.

* Too much touching.

* Allows children to participate in activities that you would not allow.

* Shows children pornography.

* Bad language or dirty jokes around children.

* Gifts to children without your permission.

If you are aware of some of these signs and participate in your children's activities you will decrease your chances of your child being a victim. Communication with your kids and communication with the people involved is crucial. I don't like to write about these types of things that scare people or set a negative tone but I hate to hear about child abuse even more. Please do all you can to keep our children safe.

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