Friday, November 6, 2009

"All You Need Is Love"

This song made famous by the Beatles hit the nail on the head. I think all of us benefit from love of family members and friends. We would all benefit by reaching out to others that might not always feel the same love that we do.

As I watch the news it's hard to keep a positive attitude. All you see and hear is negative news. Ft. Hood has been described as a "kick in the gutt" for the U.S. Army. Another shooter goes crazy in Orlando and Unemployment is in double digits. Sounds like the Mayan calendar might be right and the world is coming to an end.

Lucky for me I had spent most of my morning at church and watching innocent children performing for police officers. These public servants were given the gratitude that is well deserved. I watch these kids and realize that they look to us for guidance in this very negative world. We have a responsibility to them to change this world. We can all do this by first taking care of our own backyards.

Let's do this in baby steps. Start at home by providing a positive environment. Once you've done that than reach out to a neighbor or an organization and see how you can help. The holidays are very difficult for many especially in these tough economic times. If you think that they might be too proud to ask for help then see if you can send them something anonymously.

We can do this one neighbor at a time. Teach these kids to love one another and you will see that this world will be a better place.

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