Thursday, April 29, 2010

TGIF? How About Just TGIA

How times and our culture have changed. Past generations took a lot of pride in having to go to work and you were defined by your work ethic. They were always in survival mode whereas now we really take employment for granted until it is gone. I guess that is expected in an age of entitlements where almost everything has become a right and not a privilege. Our culture loves the phrase "TGIF, thank God it's Friday" and Fridays seem to be the day we wake up with a little more spring in our step. Sunday nights are probably the most depressing because we have to get ready for another work week. Well I want to be able to wake up everyday and say "TGIA, thank God I'm alive". What can you do to make you feel this way? Well we all have gifts that we have been blessed with and we all have different passions but just don't know how to make money using our gifts or pursuing our passion.

I had found that I had a knack for accounting but it was not a field that I enjoyed. I have always loved helping people and using the knowledge I acquire to help others. This is what really drove me into real estate. I believe that property rights are some of the most fundamental rights here in the United States that we have the privilege of enjoying when we work hard to acquire property. I have loved showing people how to do it and the best thing is that my buying clients don't ever have to pay me. The seller's pay the commissions on most real estate transactions.

I have recently read No More Mondays by Dan Miller and it's an inspiring book for those who keep asking what am I supposed to do with my life. This book really does a great job of pointing out that if you are doing something you love than it does not feel like work. When you have a passion for something you really give it your all and your love for that labor shows in the effort you put in to your service or product. Let's get away from only thanking God for one day of the week and gravitate towards thanking him for everyday we get to be alive.

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