Thursday, January 22, 2009

California's IOU's

I wonder if we were to pay our state taxes with IOU's if the state would waive any penalties? I really don't think they would and so why is it okay for the state to think it's okay to pay with IOU's and only pay interest? This is getting ridiculous and the people of California need to demand better representation. My biggest problem with government is that they are innefficient. There are may departments that the state should shut down. I would like to see the people on welfare weaned off and then allow non-profits to take on that burden. We are a charitable group of citizens and I know most of us believe in helping our neighbor but when the government is the one handing out the checks, there's an enormous amount of fraud.

We once were a state that was big enough to be its own country and now we can't pass a simple budget. Yes I said simple, it's the legislation that has made it difficult.

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