Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We Can All Learn from Orphan Annie

Left at an orphanage were she was put to work by a drunk did not stop Annie from being positive. Many of us are taking a beating because of our current recession. Some have lost their life savings because of fraud. We've had two billionaires commit suicide because they could not handle the pressure. If we look back at our history as a nation one thing we know is that it always rebounds and new opportunities are created. Just like Annie says "the sun will come out tomorrow".

We should not allow the negative news crush our dreams and vision. Every recession has produced opportunities especially for those that have a definitive purpose. We all just got wiped out on this wave that saw three awesome years in the housing market and so we spent our money like there was no end. Well now we have to get back on our board and paddle out to catch another wave. As we do that we need to remember the lessons from our wipe out. Each one of us has our own purpose and some of us actually write down our goals and take action. We are then ones that will find the opportunities in the next wave and create employment. Some of the industries that will create employment are renewable energy, health and wellness, and green homes. Trust me a lot of the homes out there have outlived their life expectancy. These homes need to be outfitted so that there's a demand for them. I see some jobs for green consultants.

Business cycles happen and they happen so that we can reinvent ourselves. Americans are innovative and productive people. Capitalism is what attracts these people and we must preserve our capitalist society. Government should protect us from those who commit fraud by punishing them to the full extent of the law. We will get over this recession soon. Just keep your head up, continue to educate yourself, and write down your goals and a plan to achieve those goals. The sun will come out tomorrow.

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