Saturday, January 24, 2009

Personal Responsibility

I just got a little taste of someone who thinks they are doing the world a favor when they do something for themselves. My own son told me that I need to get something out of the car for him since he did me a favor. The favor he speaks about is serving himself breakfast. Well sometimes things happen so fast that I forget to calm down before responding. As you can imagine I blew up and reminded him that doing something for himself is what he is responsible for and he is not a baby where I have to prop him up in a high chair and spoon feed.

I am starting to think is this a behavior that he has learned from me or is it society. Maybe I am hurting them by always being so involved. I always felt that if I got involved in their sports either as a coach or assistant coach and I kept them active they would appreciate it and become more responsible because of the fear of these things being taken away. Every now and then they lose sight of what I am trying to do for them and they take on this attitude of being entitled to certain things. As a parent I do not want to constantly remind them but at the same time seeing what is happening in our society I am scared that they will grow up to be people that are looking for a handout or bailout.

Until I learn a better way I am just going to have to continue to yell at them. After my little lecture they are all of a sudden acting like little angels. I really do not like yelling but with my kids it seems to be the only thing that works. I am going to try to have daily prayer with them and see how that works. Stay tuned....

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Beau said...

i cannot wait to be where you're at!! (sarcasm.LOL) i think you're doing a great job.