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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Government is Making an A$$ Out of You & Me

I would love to tell you were the exact flaws are in the stimulus plan but I can't because just like most legislatures, I have not read it. What I want to mention is that the stimulus plan is making the assumption that people will get into debt in order to continue to shop and that banks will begin to lend money. The money going out does not have any guarantees to get paid back except in the form of raising taxes. What if our nation becomes a nation that saves more than spends and the banks still don't lend money. What we need is economic expansion and to attract foreign investment cause we just can't keep recycling our own money in our economy. Small companies provide expansion but the government still makes it expensive for a small company to run. Lower payroll taxes and you will begin to see more companies hire. Stop protectionism and allow our companies to compete freely.

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