Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tax Time

Tax time again and some of you are done while others are waiting until the April 15th deadline. For those of you who are single and just starting your career, you are just realizing what a big chunk Uncle Sam takes. It was 13.5 years ago that I was in your situation. My brother and I began to look around to invest and there was plenty of foreclosures to buy. I would still have equity had I bought but life threw me a curve ball, my ex-wife.

That's another story but learn from me and talk to your cpa or tax preparer about the mortgage interest deduction or depreciating investment property. Right now there are many opportunities. Look all I'm saying is that in my life I've stepped in it and I'm just trying to show you where it's at so you don't step in it too. Take advantage of this market.

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