Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lakers vs. Celtics 2010 Championship! Who wants it more?

The Lakers will win in 6, I mean 7 hopefully. Obviously many Angelenos are upset with the position the Lakers have found themselves in and I'm sure the players are just even more upset. Emotions run high during championship games and the anxiety is overwhelming. What Lakers team is going to show up and I'm sure Bostonians are wondering what Celtics team will show up. These two teams are made up of championship caliber players and they know what is needed to stay alive or to close it out. The true champion will emerge as the team that was able to function as 1 unit and not a bunch of individual players. So what do they need to do?

Consistency from all players is needed. It's almost unanimous that Kobe is the best individual player in the game. He can come out and do all the scoring or he can create opportunities for his team. What ever he decides to do as the leader or however the game unfolds for him, his team is going to have to step up and execute their roles. We need you guys to get back on defense and do everything it takes to disrupt the Celtics, who are functioning much more as a team than the Lakers. This is the championship series and we need an aggressive team that is willing to dive, jump, run, etc... for the ball. I still think the Lakers are the better team if they can function as a team consistently for the next 8 quarters of basketball.

I applaud the Celtics team for getting this far. They really put it together to beat 2 teams that they were supposed to lose to but apparently they didn't get that memo. I don't wish them any bad luck but the exact opposite. I want to see the best Celtics team so that they can bring out the best Lakers team. In my opinion if the best Lakers team does show up then we will be champs. If they don't then congrats to the Celtics cause they earned the championship and were the best team when it counted.

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