Thursday, June 3, 2010

Little Champions

Tonight we had our sports banquet at St. Robert. Unfortunately it was during the Laker game so many of the coaches, athletes, and parents wanted to get out of there as soon as possible to cheer on our team. I love to torture kids with speeches but since I had to summarize it I thought I'd at least put it on my blog.

Besides my good looks I have another gift.
Does anyone know what that is?
I can spot champions and as I look around this room that's all I can see.(Stole this from Zig Ziglar)
You guys are student athletes w/ an emphasis on student.
Remember that God has given us sports as a tool to realize our potential.
You're purpose in life is to use your full potential to glorify God.
Scared of not being able to deliver the first part properly I skipped it or maybe I was scared of people laughing and then I'd be thinking if they really don't think I'm good looking. Well I still think they got the message and I'm thankful that it was a private school function so it was okay to mention God :). 

I am very proud of  to announce that my daughter also received "Athlete of the Year". This award was given to her because of her participation in sports since 5th grade and her dedication to her school and keeping up her grades all those years. Most of the time the award only goes to the boys and so she was very excited. Way to end your stay at St. Robert. Now off to some of the best years of your life in high school.


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