Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WTH Does Mario Know?

I have never claimed to be like Bo Jackson and start my own "Mario Knows..." campaign. As a matter of fact I think the only thing I do know for sure is that what I do know is that I have made tons of mistakes and have learned from them. It is this mindset that keeps me learning and sharing what I learn.

The other day I had a conversation with someone and they were telling me that at first they could not comprehend why I shared so much on the social networks. They admitted to me that what they thought was that I gave so much advice for a person who hasn't shown much success at anything. I loved the honesty and I engaged the conversation even more. As my blog states I share my opinion on almost anything. They were also right that I have failed at almost everything, marriage, finances, career, weight loss, and even at my goal of retiring at 35. I set that goal when I was 18 but never wrote it down. Wow, I should just give up. Maybe I would have had I not learned from others that failure is just an event and it's not a person. I'm sure I heard that from someone in my mastermind alliance.

What I did learn from all of my mistakes is that I was just learning what to avoid in my journey to becoming a success. I had to remind myself of this daily. It is so easy to allow negativity to take over. Thoughts constantly ran through my mind about quitting, things would just be easier if I was dead, what can I contribute to anyone now, etc... I have been in those dark places and had I not had more faith I probably would have done something selfish.

So I am not someone who has made millions and is deeply in love with his soul mate. What I am is someone that is not a quitter. I am an everyday person that is sharing his experiences so that others may know they are not alone. The tips and experiences I share are not for everyone and it is not me trying to be arrogant. It is for that one person that needs it that day. If 1 person out of 300 has benefited than I have done my job for the day. So please don't ever take it as Mario thinks he knows everything when it's more like Mario knows some mistakes I should avoid or just skip over my post. My feelings will not be hurt.

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Erick The Great said...

This was very good Mario. And I am sure more than one person can learn from the things you say.