Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another Temporary Tax Increase!

This is not an April Fools joke! Californians will be hit with another so called temporary increase in the sales tax on April 1st. This is a one percent increase. I am very curious to know how many of the past temporary increases were ever repealed.

These smart politicians decide to make things more expensive during a recession just because they cannot control their spending. I remember someone being quoted saying that they would not increase taxes during a recession. I guess this just means personal income taxes but raising taxes on everything else is okay. How many people out there purchase items from other states just to avoid the California sales tax? I don't think California's politicians get it and they think that people are actually reporting how many items they have purchased from other states on their state income tax return. You are not going to generate much tax revenue during a recession and so you must cut your spending.

Thank you to all of those politicians who have approved this tax increase. Thank you for prolonging California's recovery. When will they get it? If they want to regulate something then make it mandatory for our politicians to take courses on economics and not just econ 101. If there's a petition to recall circulating please send it my way.

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