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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Checks & Balances

Thank God that our founding fathers were a lot smarter than our today's legislatures. They are flexing their muscle today and trying to tax the bonuses that AIG paid out 90% to 100%. The problem is that this is contract law and the legislature is just doing a dog and pony show right now. They should have never given them the money to begin with and allow for AIG to restructure under our current bankruptcy laws.

I know there is a big debate whether what they are doing is constitutional or not but it brings me to my point. Eventually this will go to the court system and it will be determined then. If you ask me AIG has been defrauding us from the beginning and if they investigate them properly they will be able to get the tax money back. Now next elections please vote out any incumbent that voted for yea for any of the bailouts and vote in anybody else. We cannot allow for government to corrupt itself by giving itself more and more power. Next thing you know I can't even write something like this. Oh wait maybe I should keep quiet for a while.

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