Monday, March 30, 2009

Real Time Numbers not Historical Numbers

I am off to get an offer signed and double check another property before signing another offer. Recession is almost over don't believe the media. These are observations from my personal experiences but I have noticed that my personal experiences have been a better thermostat for what is happening. Gas prices are low and so are prices. True that people are still being laid off but other companies are hiring. It is time to reinvent yourself and get into a growing industry. Do not rely on being at one job the rest of your life but continue to grow and adapt.

I am also going to ask to get proactive because the only thing that will slow down our recovery are the pending tax hikes from all of the bailouts. Write to your congressmen and women and let them know that you will vote them out if they vote for another bailout or another tax increase. Enforce the current tax laws and catch the tax cheats. Legalize marijuana and prostitution and you have another revenue source. Let's start some dialogue about my last proposition.

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