Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Inappropriate Use of Tax Money

So President Obama says that AIG represents inappropriate use of tax money. This is just like me giving the homeless guy off the freeway off ramp with a sign "need money for booze" some money and getting mad cause he bought some booze. We knew that these guys were unethical before the first bailout and then they threw a huge party and we continued to give them money.

Mr. President the true inappropriate use of tax money is how our politicians just continue to hand it out and reward bad behavior. Yes it is true that he has inherited this problem but now that you are in charge please listen to the American people and let us get back to a free market. Our government is responsible for protecting us from fraud and prosecuting those that defraud us. Instead of prosecuting we just keep giving them a check.

We complain that we are at a disadvantage when it comes to trade. When they have these G20 conferences what is it that they talk about? Are they not trying to even up the playing field? We just did the same thing that we complain other governments do and subsidized an industry. We need to lead by example and let the free market take its course.

Listen to the American taxpayers. We believe in the United States and we know that we will rebound. We believe in taking risks and learning from our mistakes. We do not believe in our hard earned money being used to reward failure. The only ones benefiting from these bailouts are the highest income earners. I thought the democrats platform was based on helping the middle class and yet the middle class is about to pay the biggest price.

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