Monday, March 30, 2009

Sales Tax Increase

Ok I know we are still only 2 days away from the increase but I just looked at my lease statement and it increased by $3 because of the increase. This is ridiculous cause now I'm going to speed up those payments and payoff my car sooner which won't benefit anybody but me. That means I am going to cut back on other spending in order to make that happen. I guess the only companies that will benefit are going to be the makers of Spam and Ramen cause that's what the kids and I will be eating while we make all these cut backs in our family budget. I refuse to give the state anymore money cause they are just so inefficient.

To all my friends who are hired by the state I apologize but I know most of you have admitted to me that the state empowers administrators too much and employees too little. So in the end all you have is bureaucratic heavy departments.

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